Don't leave your memories on a digital wall!

Your memories deserve a fabulous medium.

Your friends and family will love receiving your beautiful card. They'll definitely put it on the fridge!

At the ends of the earth!
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At the ends of the earth!
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Quality paper

Pikiz cards are printed on thick, high-quality paper. Our paper is sustainable forestry certified (very important to us!).

Rounded corners

The corners of every Pikiz card are rounded, for that perfect finishing touch. It adds a little extra sweetness to your cards. The details change everything...

A pretty envelope

Your Pikiz cards are always sent in lovely "Premium" envelopes, perfectly matched to the format of each card. For added warmth on their journey.

A simple app to help you share every moment.

It only takes a moment to capture a memory with your camera? and one more moment for your Pikiz card to be mailed!


Sent within 2 minutes

The Pikiz app lets you send cards quickly. No bla bla bla, just how you feel. If you have two minutes, spend them making a Pikiz card!

Lots of friends at once

With Pikiz, you can send your cards to several friends at once, without wasting time. Don't hold back a single smile, reach out to everyone!

You validate it, we mail it

Validate your Pikiz cards before 5:30pm, and they'll be printed and mailed the same day! Your memories won't wait, share them now!

A memory, a feeling, a Pikiz card...

Pikiz cards were meant to carry your memories and feelings. Nothing more, and nothing less!

Let the adventure begin!
Someone's missing!

Just a few words are enough

On a Pikiz card, there's no need for a long essay. Stick to what's important: your feelings in the moment. Every moment, share a Pikiz card with a friend.

Every feeling has its emoji

We have thousands of emojis (also called smileys) that can be added to your Pikiz cards to show how you're feeling.

Your memories are full-color

Choose the color of your card to bring it to life and make it unique. Every memory has its color that your Pikiz card will reflect.

There's more!


At your service

Our customer service is fast, and will bend over backwards to make sure you're satisfied.



Pikiz has been sending cards for almost 15 years.


Low prices

For a handful of pennies, your cards can be sent all over the world!


Quality printing

Pikiz cards are printed using the very latest materials.


Everything is recycled

We take pride in using eco-friendly methods from start to finish!


With a smile

Your cards are always printed and mailed with a smile.

Take a picture with your phone. We'll send it by postal mail!